• Monday’s at Opium

    Monday’s at Opium

    Rockaoke – be your favourite rockstar upstairs from 10pm until 3am.
    Come and sing us a tune! Our weekly karaoke night brings both a relaxed atmosphere and hard rock anthems covered [...]


  • Tuesday’s at Opium

    Tuesday’s at Opium

    Tuesdays – Deliverance.
    Deliverance is Edinburgh’s only weekly Industrial and EBM night. Bring your biggest stomping boots and dance the night away with five hours of hell-raising electronic noise!

    Vodka, gin & [...]


  • Wednesday’s at Opium

    Wednesday’s at Opium

    Wednesdays – Very Metal
    Figby likes his metal like he likes his tanks: Loud, Fast, Heavy and Brutal. When it comes to the Devil’s music, no-one dare challenge the metal militia [...]


  • Thursday’s at Opium

    Thursday’s at Opium

    Thursday- Ska’d For Life
    Little DJ, big bass. Elmo cranks up the subs and takes you on a journey from old rocksteady all the way to modern Reggae. Not to be [...]


  • Friday’s at Opium

    Friday’s at Opium

    Friday – Classic Rock
    Stormbringer takes you back to the good old days with classic rock all night long! Our Friday night resident will keep you on you jumping till you [...]


  • Saturday’s at Opium

    Saturday’s at Opium

    Saturday – Guilty Pleasures
    Requests? Yes Please. Figby and his magical musical man-beard will listen to the masses and play your favourite songs at high volume… And he has a HUGE [...]


  • Sunday’s at Opium

    Sunday’s at Opium

    Sunday – Casual Sundays
    Most Sundays will be filled with a variety of great local and not-so local bands doing what they do best! Otherwise, you know that we will have [...]


Welcome to Opium online!

Opium nightclub in Edinburgh is the only dedicated rock venue offering a variety of themed nights that keep the party going until 3am. Open 7 nights per week, Opium is home to rockers from Monday to Sunday, and puts on a show every night without fail!

Did You Know...

Opium is the only nightclub in Edinburgh to let you in for FREE?

And, the only nightclub in Edinburgh open until 3am 7 nights per week!

...no other venue rocks like Opium does!